Hire CT Thompson

Born and raised in Louisiana, and grew up in Chicago and Seattle…. most of his life has been spent in the Seattle area. While in Chicago and playing the saxophone, he had chance to play in horn sections behind some of the great singers and entertainers, while traveling through the south and Midwest he saw how important music is to the spirit of the people… what a joy. That’s when he began writing songs, his first was “ON MY WAY TO MISSISSIPPI” it got played a little bit, so he put it away for a while.

Then he decided to move back to Seattle where he put the saxophone away and began concentrating on Singing and songwriting, and recorded a song called “CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU BABY” didn’t get much play so he started just singing, and started a band called CT and the RECORD BAND playing in local clubs, festivals and private parties where they had a good run of gigs. They decided to record songs called

“WITH YOU” and “INTO THE FUTURE” no action there either. The band moved on, but CT kept singing and writing and recorded a song called “SUPERSONIC RAP for the local basketball team, they played it quite a bit at games and that was a success to him. Now just keeping his mind on singing he began singing at casinos like Muckleshoot, Tulalip, Red Wind, Angle of The Winds, Silver Reef etc. while playing with the SEATOWN Rhythm and Blues Players. CT had a gig where he hosted it every Sunday evening for a very long duration, always a crowd pleaser they pinned him the Northwest King of Rhythm and Blues for sticking with his rhythm and blues roots and singing and entertaining to this day.

He says don’t ever give up cause you never know when god going to open a door for you.

So, his cd “STILL DREAMIN” is still kicking on YouTube and CD BABY.

Working with Michael Powers, he recorded a cover song by Jerry Butler called “NEED TO BELONG” and “PRIMETIME” where you can find it on YouTube and CDBABY.

He enjoys writing jingles for advertising campaigns, a song he wrote for Flyrite Productions a local photography company, is playing now on the local radio station KRIZ.

Now working on this cd called CRUISiN with Jay Bellamy a great producer, he feels this is his greatest work for now. The songs basically southern soul, life songs and a cover by Willie Nelson called “ALWAYS ON MY MIND” done the rhythm & blues way. I must admit this guy has stood the test of time and looking for more still have his soulful voice that make you feel good and make you want to move or dance, whatever you decide this music is soothing to the soul so kick back and enjoy.