Hire CT Thompson

CT Thompson’s dream began from listening to his favorite music on The Hossman’s radio show on WLAC in Nashville. The show played rhythm and blues and Gospel.   CT was only nine years old but he knew then he wanted to be a singer and songwriter.  His idols were Johnny Taylor, Otis Redding, Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, and David Ruffin.

CT put his dreams into action by performing in talent shows.  He found the response of the audiences encouraging.  Like many great singers before him, he sang on street corners and parks; perfecting his vocals on anyone who would listen.

For inspiration, young CT would sneak into night clubs.  He listened live toToussaint McCall, BB King, and T Bone Walker.  Through them, he was able to see and feel his own dreams.

After college, CT moved to Seattle from Monroe LA, where he was born.   He began to play the tenor saxophone by studying with Seattle legend Joe Brazil.

From there he moved to Chicago where he played for Tyrone Davis, OV Wright, Artie Blues Boy, Little Milton, The Dells, Clarence Carter and many others. While in Chicago, he had the privilege of meeting Howlin’ Wolf; one of his all time favorites.  This encouraged him even further to continue on with his singing and songwriting.

CT moved back to Seattle… and Singing.  He put together bands around town with local musicians.  He formed CT and the Record Band and began satisfying audiences all around Seattle.  During that time he earned the title of “The Northwest King of Rhythm and Blues”.

Although the band moved on, CT continues to write songs and sing…and dream.  In fact, he currently sings at a local supper club and has a CD out entitled “Still Dreamin”.

His fans share his thoughts and look forward to the day that CT Thompson is known in the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.